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Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin, an online payment method based on blockchain technology, has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, the pioneers of this independent and free currency have meanwhile made an immense profit with their investment. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that more and more casinos offer Bitcoin as a valid means of payment for players.

The payments in the casino with Bitcoin are as simple and uncomplicated as with other means of payment. However, in this case, a closer look at Bitcoin, the blockchain technology and the use of this innovative system in the online casino are worthwhile, because in the future we will probably get in contact with most digital transactions.

The best Bitcoin casinos on the internet

Because the Bitcoin system is becoming increasingly popular among gamers and digital users, most of the top-tier online casinos have become accustomed to using this form of payment. The so-called “crypto-currency” stands for security, anonymity and payment control. That is why we have already sorted the most important and best online casinos according to their payment offer for all Bitcoin enthusiasts. In the list you will find all the best online casinos that offer Bitcoin as a payment option.

How to use Bitcoins in the online casino?

In the beginning, using Bitcoins can be confusing, but actually it’s easy. You first have to create a Bitcoin account, all you need is an e-mail address. Then you have to buy Bitcoins first, from other users. You clarify in the public market places among each other, how the payment takes place. Mostly, this happens through other e-wallets or credit card transfers.

Then it’s off to the Bitcoin Casino. Here you choose only Bitcoin as your preferred payment option. Then you have to specify how much you want to deposit and from which Bitcoin address you want to make these deposits. Otherwise you will not be asked for further information.

Top Casinos list

Casino King

50% up to £100

At Casino King everything runs flawlessly and impeccably, not least thanks to the Playtech software


50% up to 1,5 BTC

For deposits and withdrawals the Anonymous Casino offers bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum. However, there are countries


100% up to £/€200

It is very easy to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of It has definitely decided to put emphasis


125% up to €500

The Titan Casino is a bombproof thing. Each transaction is encrypted and your information will never be disclosed


100% up to €140, Welcome Bonus

As far as the payment methods are concerned, there is a very extensive, albeit country-specific, selection

Profits as Bitcoin from the casino payout

Who wins in the online casino, of course, can also cash in his money. This is also possible via Bitcoin, if the casino offers it. Again you just have to go to the payment page and withdraw your money by specifying the Bitcoin address. The money is automatically directed to your Bitcoin account. This can sometimes take some time, as online casinos are always quite slow in processing payouts.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino

Freedom of the currency

A big advantage of paying with Bitcoins is the freedom of the currency. Because bitcoins are not managed centrally, they can not be taken away from you either. In principle, therefore, it is a fairly secure investment opportunity, for example, if you do not entrust your money to a bank or your funds would not have frozen by the state.

Cheap for gambling providers

In addition, the payment by Bitcoin for many online casinos is very cheap. Who wants to settle by credit card or normal bank transfer, sometimes has to pay hefty processing fees. This is also reflected in the customers. If you use Bitcoin as a payment option, there are no fees.

Outlook for a good future

If every casino would accept only Bitcoin as a means of payment, the conditions for players would be much better. Often losses from processing fees with worse wagering conditions for the players must be compensated. We have not got that far, but it would be desirable if Bitcoin prevails in the online casino in the long term.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin payments in the online casino

Security depends on the user

Bitcoin makes it easy to conduct transactions online, whether at the online casino or at other merchants. The encryption technology behind Bitcoin is bombproof and makes the system an unassailable network – in theory. Because who does not protect his own information, makes himself vulnerable. Here is the biggest vulnerability of blockchain technology so the user himself. Nobody is responsible if you “lose” your money (like the credit card sometimes).

The Bitcoin price fluctuates more than traditional currencies

Although Bitcoin has stabilized in very positive terms since its launch, there is no liability or guarantee for a stable price. Anyone who hopes for the state, as in the banking crisis in Europe, when the currency collapses, must quickly seek another consolation from Bitcoin. Therefore, we recommend that you do not invest your savings in Bitcoin, but consider investing in this new currency as a risky investment or just to deposit a little money to play.

Payments cannot be reversed

You can make payments easily with Bitcoin, but those who have let go of their money will not get it again. There is no “return mode” or institutional responsibility, which can undo mistakes if necessary.

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