Bitcoin is 100% anonymous 

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The own Bitcoin address is the business card on which money can be paid in or paid out of the money. Nevertheless, in the online marketplace Bitcoin is exchanged for normal currency, so you are not anonymous in the first step. We advise you never to publish your Bitcoin address after purchasing Bitcoins in connection with personal information, as your anonymity is otherwise compromised.

The history of Bitcoin as an online form of payment

Bitcoin is really just a brand name. In fact, the currency is a standalone transfer and communication network based on blockchain. This encryption method ensures that only senders and receivers – without a server or other intermediary in between – have control over the transaction. In addition, the currency is made completely independent of other political or economic contexts.

Bitcoin has been a modern and independent currency on the market since 2011. It differs significantly in its function from other currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro. There is no central bank. You can only buy or sell Bitcoins directly from Bitcoin owners.

There are public marketplaces for this. Since the inception of Bitcoin, the popularity of the currency has increased immeasurably. The value of Bitcoin has therefore risen sharply: a single Bitcoin is currently worth about 2,200 euros – and rising. So, if you have invested early, you can look forward to a decent return today.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Recommended?

In the meantime, Bitcoin, the decentralized payment method, is no longer just popular on the Internet, but even in local commerce. Stores in big cities, retailers and big entrepreneurs are already relying on the Bitcoin system. Small investors who invested early have even become rich.

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Casino King
At Casino King everything runs flawlessly and impeccably, not least thanks to the Playtech software

The fact that even online casinos want to offer the means of payment makes sense, because it allows more players access to online gambling. There are even online casinos that offer only Bitcoin as a means of payment – that means, the profits are converted directly into Bitcoin! Our conclusion is that you should understand Bitcoin before you rely on it one hundred percent. If these conditions are met, then you can safely pay in the online casino with Bitcoin – in a safe and anonymous way.